Do You Want To To Take Your Spanish-Speaking Skills To The Next Level?

If you answered "Sí" and you're on intermediate-level approaching an advanced  level or if you're already on an advanced level, Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres (Level 3) is the program that'll take your Spanish to The Next Level, -
Garantizado (Guaranteed).

From: Patrick Jackson
Location: Medellín, Colombia

Hola Amigo/a,

This time, I am not going to bore you with one of my long “sales letters” that you may have grown accustomed to seeing me write. So if you are reading this it's probably because you have already used Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Dos.

So you already know that there is no other Spanish program that'll have you speaking conversational Latin American Spanish as quickly and as easily as this system. Perhaps you already know how effective the Learning Spanish Like Crazy System is for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Native Spanish-speakers have complimented you over and over again on your Spanish pronunciation
  •  You've surprised even yourself with how well you are able to communicate with Spanish speakers 
  •  You're able to understand ordinary Spanish speaking folks in common everyday situations 
  •  You've  unsuccessfully tried Spanish course after Spanish course before discovering that this is the only system that will enable you to communicate with any native Spanish speaker (not just Spanish instructors and Spanish speaking employees in the tourist industry) 
For that reason, you are living proof that the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system is the most effective program for learning how to speak authentic Latin American Spanish. So I will get straight to the point and tell you exactly what you will receive with the NEW and IMPROVED Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres.
But First . . . Why A "New & Improved" Learning
Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres?

First, we released what I call the “original” Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel 3 – which consisted of 15 lessons. I was not involved in the selection of the vocabulary topics in the “original” Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel 3

The LSLC instructors – who are all native Spanish speakers – selected the vocabulary topics. And like many Spanish courses, the vocabulary topics of the “original” Nivel 3 consisted of what Spanish instructors think that we — us gringos — should learn.

Such as vocabulary related to religion – which is awesome. Especially if you're  traveling to Latin America as part of a missionary or if you belong to a church that has lots of Spanish speakers.

But I listened to my customers who bought the “original” LSLC 3. And I found out that many of you who bought the “original” LSLC 3, simply wanted vocabulary topics that you could use in everyday conversations with plain, ordinary Spanish speaking-folks in the U.S. and Latin America. So that’s why I decided to step in the picture.

And this time around, I told the LSLC instructors which vocabulary topics to include. What were my decisions based upon?

I selected vocabulary topics that I had to learn or re-learn as an American living in Latin America (Colombia). Here are some Vocabulary topics that I had to either learn or re-learn in order to communicate with Spanish speakers here in Colombia – and that we have covered in the “20 core lessons” of the NEW and IMPROVED  Nivel 3:

  • Vocabulary related to going to a party
  •  Vocabulary covering for attending a university 
  •  Vocabulary related to going to “el circo” or “the circus” 
  •  Household vocabulary 
  •  Vocabulary related to eating 
  •  Vocabulary covering the names of family members 
  •  Vocabulary for cleaning the home 
  •  Vocabulary for health and medicine 
  •  Vocabulary for “los deportes” or Sports 
  •  And more 
This Is NOT The Same "Original" Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel 3 - This Is A NEW & IMPROVED Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel 3 

And this time we created a COMPLETELY NEW and IMPROVED Nivel Tres.  These 24 lessons (20 core lessons and 4 bonus lessons) are completely different from the “original” Nivel 3. We've made these changes:
  •  NEW Spanish speakers
  •  NEW vocabulary topics 
  •  NEW Grammar topics
See what our customers have to say about all of our products. Not Just Learning Spanish Like Crazy, But Also The Verbarrator, Fast Lane Spanish and New Millennium Beginner Spanish
"If you're serious about achieving fluency you should definitely get a copy of New Millennium Beginner Spanish."
 Rodney - Blogger From

"Get Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Put the time and effort in and I assure you that you will be able to speak Spanish. And it's a fun journey." -
Joey E.
South Florida 

“(Learning Spanish Like Crazy) uses authentic Latin American Spanish and it actually works.” - Darian G. 
Rockford, Illinois 

"Learning Spanish Like Crazy es un programa buenísimo" - Terence
St. Louis, Missouri
"The various tools I've purchased from Patrick over the years have helped me to improve my Spanish. In many ways they've been the foundation of my learning-Spanish." 
- Dale
Topeka, Kansas 
"No doubt whatsoever. Learning Spanish Like Crazy is by far the best. Spanish that's applicable to real-life everyday situations."
- Ben Kofi
With Nivel 3, You Also Get FOUR Bonus Lessons
Covering The Following: 

  •  Bonus Lesson A: "Palabras de amor y palabras románticas" or “words of love and romantic words.”
  •  Bonus Lesson B: Palabras de amor y palabras románticas or “words of love and romantic words” continued 
  •  Bonus Lesson C: Vocabulary for describing physical traits and characteristics of one’s personality.  
  •  Bonus Lesson D: Helpful Spanish expressions and idioms.
To Sum it All Up, What’s Everything
You Get with Nivel Tres
  •  TWENTY Lessons in the main section of  Nivel Tres (10 hours of audio) 
  •  FOUR Bonus Spanish Lessons (2 hours of audio)  
  • FIFTEEN Spanish lessons from the "original" Nivel Tres (8 hours of audio)  
  •  Downloadable transcripts to all lessons 
  •  That's 20 hours of real, authentic Latin American Spanish Lessons 
But . . . Time Is Of The Essence 
Here's why . . . 
ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME, I'm including both the "original" and the NEW & Improved versions of Nivel 3.   My plan is to start selling them muy pronto (very soon) as two separate, stand-alone Spanish programs. 

In fact, don't be surprised if tomorrow morning I wake up and realize I made a huge mistake by giving away such a generous bonus package. And then suddenly decide to start selling the "original" and the NEW & Improved versions of Nivel 3 as two separate, stand-alone Spanish programs.
Here's My "Debo Estar Loco-Garantizado"
(I Must Be Nuts-Guarantee)

I 100% guarantee that you'll love Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres. Or I'll give you a full refund and you keep the program. 

That's right. Many of my competitors will ask you to either fax a letter - or at the very least - send an email acknowledging that you have removed their program from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. - before they'll issue you a refund. 

I don't ask any of that. If you don't absolutely love this program, just email me. And I'll give you back your money -- with no questions asked. 

Sounds fair enough?
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Of Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres And Get Both The Original and NEW & Improved Versions Of Nivel Tres - Along With Your Bonus Package Consisting Of Four MP3 Audio Spanish Lessons

I look forward to helping you achieve your learning-Spanish goals. 
Patrick Jackson
Founder of Learning Spanish Like Crazy &
The Verbarrator
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of a letter, here's the deal:

You get my NEW & Improved Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres  (Lesson 61s to 80). That's 20 MP3 audio lessons (10 hours of audio).

As a special bonus, you also get my Original Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres - consisting of 15 MP3 audio Spanish lessons (8 hours of audio).

I'm also throwing in 4 more bonus-gift MP3 audio Spanish lessons  (2 hours of audio). 

Since all of the lessons are MP3 audio files, if you prefer to learn Spanish while on-the-go, you can easily take the audio files and add them to your smartphone.  

By the way, I also include the PDF transcripts to all of the lessons. 
All of this . . .

For just $97.00

And if you don't absolutely love Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres, then I'll even refund your $97.00 -- no questions asked.

So, click the button below and continue learning Spanish like crazy. Pun intended :-)
"This program has been such a joy. The conversations are so easy to follow along. And so clear and precise" - Emily
Bronx, New York
"Patrick has a real heart for helping people learn Spanish."
- Lisa 
North Carolina
"Verbarrator is one of the tools in my learning-Spanish took box. And I'm very pleased with it." 
- Peter H. 
"I visited Ecuador about 3 months ago, after completing Levels 1 and 2 of Learning Spanish Like Crazy. I felt a lot more comfortable speaking to my in-laws in Spanish and they felt a lot more comfortable speaking to me." 
- Steve 
"Patrick, your Learning Spanish Like Crazy program is by far the best."
- Robert 
Boulder, Colorado
"I highly recommend Patrick's programs if you're serious about taking your Spanish to another level."
- Eldon Mirjah
Creator of Gritty Spanish 
"Patrick puts so much effort into his products to make sure they're quality products."
- Jake
Southern California
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